Newburgh Brown Ale Review

Newburgh Brown Ale

The first impression of Newburgh Brown Ale from Newburgh Brewing Company is the color. It has the deep, dark, brown, almost black color that brown ales tend to offer. Well, if I am being honest, the first impression of this beer was the can which drew my attention to it on a crowded shelf. It is one of the busiest cans I have ever seen and it worked.

The pour was classic brown ale. The caramel hue it had coming out that ended up extremely dark in the glass. It had a mild aroma of roasted malt and a tease of chocolate and toffee. It is very pleasant and doesn’t overwhelm the sense.

Sadly, my picture didn’t do the head any justice. It was about a finger and half thick but settled fairly quickly and ended as a spotty foam on top throughout the glass. There was a nice carbonation that was present but smooth. Good brown ales tend to find this balance and Newburgh Brewing Company did a nice job walking that fine line.

You definitely taste the malt and there are hints of chocolate, toffee, and a nutty, earthy flavor. It can be described as medium bodied. Some brown ales tend to be either too heavy or too light but this was spot on. It does have an aftertaste that plays in the sweet and bitter areas of the taste bud map but it is mild and is typical with brown ales.

As the beer warms it takes on a smoother feel on the tongue so if you are a slow drinker you won’t lose flavor. There is almost no alcohol taste, just a smooth ride from start to finish that ends with your tongue being tickled slightly and whetting your appetite for another sip.

Overall this was a pleasant experience. I have never had anything from Newburgh Brewing Company and their Brown Ale has intrigued me to sample other offerings from this New York brewery. This is a beer I would definitely look for again. Right now this beer is only distributed in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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