Einstök Icelandic Wee Heavy Beer Review


Einstök Icelandic Wee Heavy is a fairly new offering from Einstök that stays true to its Viking roots but branches out just a bit and the result is an excellent brew that you will want to drink over and over again.

Wee Heavy is advertised as an “Icelandic Scotch Ale, brewed with locally farmed and smoked barley and spiced with native Icelandic angelica – a fabled herb ancient Vikings used as currency.” It definitely has the deep amber color of a Scotch Ale and it offers a smooth, smoky, and somewhat creamy taste. It is unique with its maltiness and isn’t overwhelmed by hops at all.

Like many Scotch Ales this Wee Heavy is not a very bubbly beer. You definitely feel the comfort of a Scotch Ale, the kind of beer you wouldn’t mind drinking all winter, but the smoked barley and Icelandic angelica offer a more complex flavor profile. As you sip you notice the flavor profile can change a bit. Some sips had a peaty undertone that was almost welcome against the sweet, smoky flavors that sometimes dominate.

This is a beer you can enjoy year round. It would pair well with smoked barbeque or a gourmet burger. I can almost taste the pulled pork and brisket that I would eat with this. This isn’t hot dog beer and at eight percent ABV it does pack a punch. However, there isn’t a strong alcohol aftertaste that can sometimes accompany beers with higher alcohol content.

Einstök has proven with its other offerings that it isn’t afraid to take risks and this was a risk that paid off. It is smooth as silk all the way down and definitely will reward you if you are feeling slightly adventurous. Einstök definitely has a winner here and this is worth the price. A six-pack can hover between $12-16 depending on your store.

Slap on your kilt and pick up your battle axe because this is one beer that unites the Scotch taste with a Viking twist and it is oh so good.

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